Intellinet Fast Ethernet WDM Bi-Directional


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Length: 25.3cm Width: 5.5cm Height: 13.75cm Mass: 0.44kg


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Intellinet Fast Ethernet WDM Bi-Directional Single Mode Media Converter – 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX (SC) Single-Mode, 20 km (12.4 mi.), WDM (RX1310/TX1550), Retail Box, 2 year Limited Warranty.
Product Overview: 

The Intellinet Fast Ethernet WDM (bi-directional wavelength division multiplexing) Media Converter utilizes a single strand of fiber to transmit network traffic on separate receive and transmit wavelengths (1310/1550 nm). This innovative technology allows you to effectively use the two strands for two independent connections or to double the capacity without digging in a second fiber cable. The converter is completely transparent to the network so the network performs exactly the way it did before — only now it can support both copper and fiber mediums.

This converter provides fiber connectivity to Ethernet segments, allowing for even further networking expansion between extended workgroups. It also provides building-to-building connectivity without the cost and disruption associated with the installation of additional routers.Connecting the converter to fiber segments can further extend distances between networking nodes. This can be achieved by direct connection between the converter and a fiber-based node or networking device. Network managers can install fiber cabling anywhere within a network without changing the arrangement of copper-based Ethernet. The compact size of the converter allows it to be easily deployed in any narrow desktop location or to be used in a wallmount installation. Several converters can be simultaneously installed into a 19″ rack-mountable chassis.



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